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    2015 domestic stainless steel kitchenware industry
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      Stainless steel tableware, kitchen utensils industry overview

      According to the China Industrial Information Network released "2013--2017 China's stainless steel kitchen utensils industry development prospect depth research and investment analysis report" shows: the domestic market all grades of stainless steel kitchenware product range, based on product prices, customer orientation separable for high-end, high-end, midrange and low-end market. The high-end market fundamentals are ZWILLING, FISSLER, THERMOS, WMF and other famous international brands occupy a smaller share of national brands; high-end market is occupied by Supor, ASD and a few other well-known domestic brands, and has formed a certain size of the market; in high-end market, many brands, fierce competition, primarily sold through department stores, supermarkets channels; mainly in the low-end market brand-name, the main sales channel for low-end supermarkets and retail stores.